D​​riving has become an important part of our day-to-day life. While some of us drive to reach work on time and manage our daily errands, on the other hand, some of us drive for the sake of earning money. Whatever may be the purpose, any person who wishes to drive any vehicle across India or in any particular state must own a driving license.

A driving license enables you to officially drive your vehicle outside, It is an appropriate authorization from the Indian government, and hence driving without a license is an offense.


Driving without a driving license


The surge in road accidents have made it crucial for the Indian government to take severe actions towards those who don't drive properly and carefully, and those who drive without a driving license are in huge trouble if found driving without a driving license the accountable person would be asked to pay a fine up to  Rs 5,000/ - depending on the state you live in and the type of vehicle you ride.


Different Types of Driving license 


You can learn the technique of driving any kind of vehicle but lawfully you cannot use it unless you possess a driving license. Following are the varieties of driving licenses available in the Regional Transport Offices.


1. Learner’s license


2. Permanent license


3. Commercial Driving license


4. International Driving Permit


Eligibility criteria are required to apply for a driving license. 


The following conditions are expected to be fulfilled by an applicant if they wish to acquire a driving license in India


Minimum age of the applicant must be 18 years.


Applicants must own a learner’s license to apply for a driving license.


Applicants must apply for a permanent license between 30 days and 180 days of receiving a learner’s license.


The applicant must be aware of all the traffic laws and rules.


If the applicant wishes to apply for a commercial driving license, then the applicant's minimum age must be 20 years old.


Documents Required to apply for a driving license in India


To apply for a driving license in India, the applicant needs to submit the required documents to the suitable regional transport office.


Please submit one of the following documents mentioned below for the Age-proof.


Class 10th certificate

Birth certificate

Authenticated copy of your passport

Authenticated copy of your Adhar card

Authenticated copy of your Pan card


Please submit one of the following documents mentioned below for Address proof.


Voter’s ID card

Ration card

LIC policy bond

Valid passport

Adhar card


Other useful documents:


You will need Application form 4

Application form 5 (you will need to fill this form in case you wish to apply for a commercial driving license)

Original learner’s license will be required 

Passport size photographs are a must


Easy to follow Steps to Apply for a driving license Online in India


Step 1: You have to go to  parivahan sewa login and create a username and password.


Step 2: Click on this driving license  link and you will be redirected to the webpage where you would be asked to choose the name of your state. 


Step 3: you will be redirected to a new webpage where you will be asked to choose from the various options and you have to click on  "Learner's licence".


Step 4: Now provide your mobile number and an OTP will be sent on your mobile number to verify it.


Step 5: Once the registration is completed, a new Id will be generated, you will have to download it.


Step 6: Now go to the " Regional Transport office" and search for the 'learning licence counter', once you find it go to the counter and an officer will verify your application form.


Step 7: Submit all the necessary documents to the counter


Step 8: The officer will provide you with a slot for the driving test.


Step 9: Once you pass the driving test, the authority will let you have your license in 2 to 3 weeks.


Easy to follow steps to Apply for a driving license Offline in India


When you are applying for a permanent driving license offline in India, you will be required to follow the simple steps mentioned below:


Step 1: Visit the Regional Transport Office near your residence and collect an application form.


Step 2: Fill up the form with all the required information.


Step 3: Submit your address proof, age proof, and passport-size photographs.


Step 4: You will be provided with  an appointment for the first round. The RTO officers will also test your knowledge about the basic traffic rules. 


Step 5: After you have passed the test successfully, the learner’s license will be allocated to you. You can only apply for a permanent driving license if you have a learner’s license for about 6 months.