Eligibility criteria for becoming aadhar operator. 


An operator is employed by the registration agent to implement registration at the registration station. To qualify for this role, people must meet the following criteria:


  • The person must be 18 years and over.

  • The person will pass 10 + 2 and should be a graduate.

  • The person should have been registered for Aadhaar and his aadhaar number should be produced.

  • The person must have a basic understanding to operate a computer and must be comfortable with the keyboard and local language transliteration.

  • The person should have obtained "operator certificates" from the testing and certification body appointed by Uidai.


Before starting work as an operator:


  • The person must be involved and activated by any registration agent according to the Guidelines of Uidai before starting registration.

  • The person must undergo a training session conducted by regional offices/registration institutions in the Aadhaar registration/update process and various equipment and devices used during Aadhaar registration.

  • The person must read complete training material on Aadhaar Enrollment / Updates available on the Uidai website before providing a certification exam.

  • The person must be comfortable with the keyboard and local language transliteration.

  • The operator must submit "in the form of a hostel" along with the documents needed for the registration agent which in turn submitted the form to worry about the "regional office of the Uidai" for verification.

  • After verification, the regional office will approve/refuse to rise to their respective registration agencies.

  • The registration agency will then add the operator by taking the biometrician in the Aadhaar client software and providing a username & password to operate the registration machine.

  • Registered users mean that the biometric biometric detail verification of the Uidai was successfully completed and stored in the local database at the registration station.


The responsibilities of an EA’s Supervisor. 


At the registration center, the role of the supervisor is planning and distributing logistics and other requirements at the registration center, setup the registration station at the registration center and supervise

operation in the middle. When doing his role as a supervisor at the Aadhaar registration center, the supervisor ensures the following:


1. Readiness of the site


A. The list of checking the registration center settings is provided by Uidai to facilitate the registration agent in preparing the registration and central station. Supervisors must use the checklist center registration settings to ensure that all requirements are fulfilled for the center they are responsible for. He must fill and sign the checklist at the beginning of each registration center and/or once every week (which is early). This checklist must be maintained for later / audit in each registration center by the Registrar / Uidai and their nominated monitors/agencies/agencies.


B. The supervisor is responsible for preparing a laptop/desktop with aadhaar clients installed and tested, attached to all devices and printers (or scanner during the mandate), and ensuring all equipment is in working conditions to start Aadhaar registration.


C. Ensure that the latest Aadhaar registration client software is installed.


D. Make sure that the registration center is neat and clean, hygienic, well maintained, and safe from the danger of electricity/fire.


e. Make sure that the basic information registration center as given below is displayed (in local languages / English):

  •  Name of the Registrar and Contact Number

  •  EA name & contact number

  •  Working hours

  •  Holiday

  •  Helpline number; 1800 180 1947.

  •  Don't leave the center without your recognition.

  •  Name, code, and contact number from ea supervisor at the registration center


F. Supervisor will also ensure that the Aadhaar IEC material provided by the Registrar is displayed correctly in the center, according to the Guidelines of Uidai.


G. Ensure staff behavior is at the center of registration for residents. Take over where the operator is unable to handle the unsatisfied populations and prevent unpleasant situations.


H. Where uniforms are provided, make sure the staff wears a uniform at the center of registration so that if the population needs help, they can easily identify employees with their clothes.


i.Don't do registration operations at the location without a valid agreement with registrants.


2. Above the dormitory and other people.


A. Supervisor must first go up by providing itself Biometrics in Aadhaar client software. On-Board (registered) users mean biometric biometric detail verification in uidai successfully completed and stored in the local

A database at the registration station.


B. Supervisor must ensure that all operators and introductions for the registration center are also charged at the station for local authentication.


3. Managing center operation


A. The supervisor manages the registration process at the registration center. He ensures compliance with the Uidai registration process and guidelines in the middle and data quality captured.


B. Supervisor handles problems and concerns of operators and citizens and manages escalation at the middle level.


C. The supervisor also acts as an operator, if needed, in an emergency.


D. Supervisor is required to sign each registration on Aadhaar clients, where residents have biometric exclusions.


E. EA supervisor must ensure that each operator realizes and has a print copy of the critical points that will be reviewed at the station during the resident review of the registration data.


F. Supervisor must ensure that the operator diligently reviews the data captured with residents for each registration and makes corrections when indicated by the population.


G. It is important that supervisors ensure that recognition and approval are printed after each registration and printer and printing stationery are available for the same thing.


4. Backup, sync and export


A. Supervisors ensure data backup twice a day from all registration data to an external hard disk according to the Guidelines for UIDAI. Record dates and station numbers where reserves are done to ensure that all stations are reserved and no one is missed.


B. Supervisor also ensures that the registration station is synchronized at least once every 10 days.


C. Supervisor manages the timely data export data registration to upload to the UIDAI server.


D. Supervisor can maintain a register for exported data. Record date, station numbers and packages are exported at each station for reconciliation purposes.


E. Supervisors must correlate approval for registration to the number of packages exported. Both numbers must match.


5.End of day reviews


A. The supervisor must review all the registration of the day, the end of the day (EOD), to ensure that the data included in the Aadhaar client is correct for each resident. Supervisors can also use fellow operators by boarding on the machine for the final review of the day. However, The operator that registers cannot be able to review the package itself.


B. If there is a logical mistake/incompatibility found in the data entered, tell the population to come to the registration center in the correct time frame. The supervisor must come out by giving his fingerprint after the final review of the day.


C. After the correction is carried out on population data, the supervisor will manually approve/reject the previous resident package detained for correction, with the appropriate reason if rejected.


6. Document management


The supervisor also ensures safe handling and storing registration documents according to the same UIDAI guidelines and the same transfer as the DMS Registrar / Uidai Agency (according to applicant instructions).


A. Make sure one file / tray per station is maintained for document storage.


B. Make sure the docket (set of documents for residents) is in order and make manifest from all documents.


C. Create batch documents with manifests in soft copy and hardcopy along with the exception list (if any).


D. Save the document / box in a room in a safe and safe place protected from fire, water and sabotage.


E. Save the document/box in a place that can be locked with the right ventilation until

Transfer / pickup.


F. After the Critical Docket volume is reached / at the frequency determined by the registrant, make sure all Docket Eid al-Fitr is transferred safely to the office appointed by the registrar.


G. Transportation documents from the registration center to the designated office only in the sealed box are properly marked by a list of manifests and packing.


H. handle registration documents carefully and protect it from damage and theft.


I. Avoid de-stapling, re-staple or folding or excessive document buildup, it is recommended to save documents in a box.


7. Performance monitoring


A. The supervisor works with the Uidai / Registrar monitor in conducting monitoring and audit functions at the registration center and answering their questions with the best of his knowledge. Details of supervisors are recorded during a performance.

Monitoring and supervisors also sign-on performance monitoring sheets along with the monitor.


B. Supervisor ensures audit feedback, if any, is included in the process for a sustainable increase from registration operations and data quality.