TOP 5 ELECTRIC SCOOTERS IN INDIA 2021 |भारत की  टॉप 5 इलेक्ट्रिक बाइक / स्कूटर निर्माता 



So, are you looking for the TOP Electric scooters launched in India previously. We have TOP 5 electric scooters in the market and Here are they -:

1.OLA S1 and S1 PRO (OLA S1 और S1 प्रो)

OLA Electric has finally launched its Awaited Electric Scooter. The company has launched its electric scooter in two variants on Sunday - OLA S1 and OLA S1 Pro. Scotters for customers who wish to buy this carriage of the Ride Aggregator Company will be available for sale from September. That is, they will be able to book from September. After this, the delivery of October is expected to start.

These scooters have been given the option of two types of battery. Ola S1 has 2.98kwh battery. At the same time, and OLA S1 Pro has 3.97kwh battery. Both models will get the peak power of 8.5kw. While looking at the features of both the models and the price of the model-OLA S1 and the OLA S1 Pro's Batteries 2.58kwh battery in OLA S1, which is the range of 121 kilometers range and 90 km per hour. The company claims that OLA S1 can accelerate the speed of 0 to 40 km per hour in 3.6 seconds. Different riding modes have been given in OLA's electric scooters. There are two riding modes in S1-Normal and Sports.

Whereas, Ola S1 Pro has 3.97kwh battery. Giving an 'Optional Performance Upgrade Accessory', the company has claimed that this model gives 181 kilometers range and gives top speed of 115 kilometers per hour. The company has claimed to accelerate 0 to 40 km per hour in 3 seconds. There are three different riding modes in: Normal, sports and hyper. These scooters have 7 inch touchscreen Display over Voice Cumming Jash Cool feature. MilesCompatory Culture Fishors Multiple Microphone AI Speech Recruitment Algorid Hoha Yaha Volist Over Electronics. For the planet-walking plane on the-borcetic, the vehicle control unit (VCU) is some 3 GB RAM, 4G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Activity.

Squeeze sound also has variable configuration mode - Ballet, Care, Vintage and Wander Voice Command feature, which is about the work of the user's workout. Many of the security features are put in these scooters, in which there are anti-theft alert systems and geo-fencing features. With its battery water and dust resin, the flame returns also combines the fire. Hill-Hold feature has also been given in S1 Pro with Front and Rear Disk Brake.


What is the price?

X-Showroom Price of OLA SAVE 99999 and OLA S1 Pro X-Showroom Price is 1,29,999. However, prices will be different in different states. These scooters will be bought at EMI even starting from Rs 2,999. According to the company, scooters will be sold by 8 September 21. Delivery will be started in more than 1,000 cities in October. Customers will be able to book their scooter at the amount of Rs 499.

2. ATHER 450X (आथर 450X)

Ather is a company's flagship electric scooter,which the company launched in January last year. In this, the features equipped with many connected technology with powerful motor are given. Scooter has 6KW electric motor, which is the power of 8BHP and 26nm torque generates. This scooter can hold 0 to 40 kilometers per hour in 3.3 seconds. Its top speed is 85 kilometers per hour. It also gets 2.9kwh lithium-ion battery pack, which also supports fast charging.

According to the company, Ather 450x can fix a distance of 116 kilometers on full charging. Two drive modes have been given in this scooter- Ride mode and Eco Mode. The scooter runs in 8BHP modes in eco mode. While it can run in 75 kilometers in Ride mode. Android decades have been given in 450x. Dark mode and Bluetooth connectivity feature have been given in the scooter, which can receive the receipts or cars for the rider mobiles.

What is the price?

The Arther 450x electric scooter X-showroom price in Delhi is 1.47 lakh rupees.

3. SIMPLE ONE ( सिंपल वन )

Bangalore-based electric vehicle startup Simple Energy  has announced his first electric scooter Simple One. Simple One will be launched in 13 states across the country in the first phase. Electric scooter has to be launched in August. The company said that its booking will start on the day of the launch of Simple one Electric Scooter. India has many electric scooters at this time that will bump the Ola Electric's scooter. But these of these Simple One is a high range electric scooter. According to the reports, Ola Electric scooters can give a driving range of 150 kilometers in full charge, while the Simple one strick Scooter is being said that it can fix the distance of 240 kilometers after full charging. In such a, the OLA electric scooters can get tremendous collision from the Simple one. Battery and speed So far, this scooter was known from Mark II codheme. But the name of the new scooter's Cample Energy's Camel Energy has placed Simple One for the Indian market.

Simple One Electric Scooter was seen during many occasions in India. Simple Forest Electric To-Wheeler is a long distance electric scooter, top-speed is 103 kilometers per hour. According to the company claims, Simple One can hold 0 speeds of 50 km per hour in just 3.6 seconds. It has used 4.8 KWH lithium-ion battery pack which generates 9.4HP and 72 NM torque.

What is the price?

The first phase of the factory spreads in 2 million square feet and its production capacity will be up to 1 million (10 lakh) unit annually. The company will also provide at least 1,000 jobs at the beginning. This will lead to the 'Make In India' initiative. If you talk about the price, Simple Energy is in preparing to launch this electric scooter in a very opponent price. The company can launch this scooter at Rs 1.10 lakh to Rs 1.20 lakh rupees.

4. BAJAJ CHETAK ELECTRIC (बजाज चेतक Electric)

Bajaj Auto is a stylish scooter with Chetak Electric Scooter (Chetak Electric Scooter). The consumption is the first electric scooter of the company which launched last year. Electric scooter is available in two variants. Entry-level Urbane (Urban) variants and top-end premium variants. This e-scooter gets a 3.8kw power and 4.1kw peak power electric motor. Recephates get power to the reason of the special automatic transmission given in the scooter. Bajaj electric scooter has 3KWH lithium-ion battery. After full charging, it can fix the range of 95 kilometers range in Eco-mode and 85 kilometers in sport mode. However, this range depends on the different position of the driving style and road.

It features FERS with LEDs, LED Headlines, Fulfinary DLD Instrument Cluster, and smartphone connectivity. The scooter's battery takes about 5 hours to be full charge and with the help of the fast charging system, its battery is charged only up to 25 percent in an hour. According to Bajaj, the battery life of the Chetak Electric Scooter is 70,000 km or 7 years.

What is the price?

The company on this battery is giving only warranty of 3 years or 50,000 kilometers. Let's say that this warranty is only for the first registered owner. This warranty plan does not apply when the scooter is used to be commercially. The X-showroom price is Rs 1,42,620 in Pune of Chetak Electric Scooter.

5. TVS IQUBE  ( TVS आईक्यूब) 

TVS IQUBE was launched as the first electric scooter of the domestic motorcycle manufacturer and it is the nearest rival of Bajaj Chetak. Scooter has Jio-fencing, navigation assist, remote battery charge status, last park location, incoming call alert  along with SMS alert. It also has Q-Park assist, day and night display and regenerative breaking like features. TVS-IQUBE has a dashing look with Nio-retro style look taken from popular scooters like, Jupiter and Ntorq. It has a black cowl at front between handle. It has U-shaped LED DRL, crystal clear LED head lamp and LED tail lamp.

According to TVS, IQUB can fix distance of 75 kilometers in Eco-mode on full charging. This scooter has been given the electric motor of 4.4 KW. This motor generates 6th of BHP and 1040 of the N40's tor. This electric scooter holds 0 to 40 kilometers per hour in 4.2 seconds. Although this scooter is available only in Bangalore, but soon it will be available all over the country.

What is the price?

Along with this,it has SmartXonnect with Technketon Connected Technology and  features such as an all-led lighting, smartphone connectivity, USB charging port and boot light. Its  price starts from 1.08 lakh rupees.